Welcome to Nano Dairy systems – The particles of White revolution

Why & What’s Nano Dairy ?

  • The Smart Dairy automation solution aims to speed up the milk testing and procurement process, thereby saving the milk from turning sour during the process.
  • Automatic milk procurement process is one of the challenging tasks of the most dairy farms. This is what we are into. Dairy plant automation includes multiple routes; multiple rate charts for Cow and Buffalo milk type and the tree can be extended to sub supplier rate chart details.
  • Data from all hardware devices such as Milk analyzer, Weighing scale and Customer ID are obtained, Processed and Saved to the server automatically. This is where lots of man power are employed leading to poor accuracy many times.
  • Get rid of this conventional method of data entry. Get the data live from the devices with greatest accuracy and spontaneity.

Outcome: Both supplier & dairy farm gets Milk type, Qty,FAT,SNF,CLR and rate by SMS